19 April: EAG Workshop: Waiting times and passing rates for the practical exams, Madrid (Spain)

The 2023 EAG workshop will take place on 19 April 2023 in the Rosa de Lima’s auditorium of the Dirección General de Tráfico in Madrid, our Spanish effective member, an opportunity that has been kindly offered by DGT. This year, the workshop will be focusing more on the administrative part of the practical exams, particularly on waiting times, on how we deal with these waiting times and on passing rates, especially those for category B. Both topics are closely related and have important consequences in our organizations and in the quality of the service that we offer to our customers, citizens and driving schools.

In some of the countries, the waiting times for the practical tests have increased due to the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic. We will analyse if these consequences have been similar in the different CIECA countries and if the pandemic equally affected the passing rates in these countries.

Some of the questions that will be addressed during the event are:

  • How the different countries deal with the waiting lists.
  • How our limited capacity for practical tests is distributed between different driving schools.
  • How, in the mixed systems, this limited capacity is distributed between driving schools and particulars.

Another interesting point that is directly related to the waiting lists is the passing rate. We can deal with the increasing waiting times hiring more examiners, but we could also deal as well improving the passing rate. Particularly, we will consider and compare the differences between countries and between types of tests (for example driving schools and private candidates). This will help us to identify some of the best practices used by CIECA members that could be implemented in other organizations to increase the passing rates and, consequently, to reduce the waiting times.

Finally, the workshop will also deal with the lack of skilled workers, and more specifically, professional drivers, that is increasingly affecting our economies, that is also the focus of the work of some departments within CIECA member organizations.

The workshop will offer a forum to share experiences, so participants get to know about initiatives implemented by other countries actively dealing with these issues. External experts and other CIECA members will also feature in the programme which will be available shortly.


Agenda: It will be available very shortly. PROVISIONAL TIMING OF THE EVENT: 19 April 2023: from 9 am to 16.30 pm 
Fee: This members'-only event is free-of-charge.
Location: Sala Rosa Lima at the Headquarters of the DGT in Madrid (Spain). ADDRESS: C/ Josefa Valcárcel 44, 28071 Madrid. 
Information for participants - ACCOMMODATION: We provide a list of possible hotels for your stay, but you are free to choose your accommodation according to your preference. Please check the information provided.  
Registration: Please press the registration button below and fill in the online registration form. The registration deadline for this event is 14 April 2023.
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Working language: English.