25 - 26 October 2022: TAG WORKSHOP - Cheating and fraud in the theory test, Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, Athens (Greece)

The 2022 TAG workshop will take place on 25 - 26 October 2022 in the Auditorium of the Ministry of Infrastructure & Transport in Greece, our Greek Effective member, an opportunity that has been kindly offered by the Directorate of Road Traffic & Safety in the country. The workshop, as the title clearly states, will focus on cheating and fraud in the theory test, and will address proactive measures to prevent participants from cheating and committing fraud when taking the theory test. The PROVISIONAL PROGRAMME of the event can be found here. 

The workshop would like to reflect on the following issues, and discuss how these are relevant for CIECA members:

  • Why candidates choose to cheat in the test (and what information they have before the test).
  • What measures can be taken to avoid cheating and fraud BEFORE and AT the test.

There will be scope to present the experience of Sweden after the change in legislation 1,5 years ago which brought new legal consequences that all candidates should have in mind when taking the test such as:

  • penalty fines, and
  • other legal sanctions that may affect the development of their professional career in the future when trying to get an employment and means to provide for their families and themselves, or
  • the impossibility to get residence permit or citizenship in Sweden.

Another interesting point established by Sweeden is that while trying to help candidates at the test, they are constantly working to meet the demands for tests. However, this might not be always for the better as by facilitating the taking of tests, they are mainly helping those who do not have sufficient knowledge to pass, and indirectly, they are feeding the group of candidates that will most likely cheat in the tests.

The workshop will offer a forum to share experiences, so participants are informed about initiatives by other countries actively dealing with these issues. External experts and other CIECA members will also feature in the programme which will be shortly available.

The TAG believes there is a lot of work to be done in this area, and it would be of great interest to hear other countries’ thoughts on this topic. The group looks forward to welcoming all CIECA members to the first TAG face-to-face workshop since 2019.


AgendaPROVISIONALPROVISIONAL TIMING OF THE EVENT: 25 October: from 1 pm – 16.45 pm / 26 October: from 9 am – 12.15 pm 
Fee: This members'-only event is free-of-charge.
Location: Ministry of Infrastructure & Transport (Greece), DG of Transport Strategic Planning & Road Safety, Directorate of Road Traffic & Safety, 2 Anastaseos st & Tsigante st, 156 69 Papagou, Athens, Greece
Information for participants - ACCOMMODATION: We provide a list of possible hotels for your stay based on the information provided by the Greek Ministry, but you are free to choose your accommodation according to your preference. Please check the information provided. Note that it is possible to travel from Athens airport to the centre of the city by Metro (Line 3 - Map of Metro in Athens)
Registration: Please press the registration button below and fill in the online registration form. The registration deadline for this event is 20 October 2022.
PLEASE NOTE: We will organize a dinner on 25 October in the evening (each guest will be responsible for the payment of his/her consumptions). If you are interested in joining us for the meal, please tick the appropriate box in the registration form (at the end of the form).
Working language: English.