24 November 2022 - 2nd EDUCATION WORKSHOP: The use of simulators in driver training, Munich (Germany)

CIECA is very happy to invite all CIECA Members to attend our 2ndCIECA Education Workshop that will take place on 24 November 2022. This workshop has been organized with the help of MOVING, one of our Affiliated Members. The title of the workshop is The use of simulators in driver training, and it will be held in the office of Springer Fachmedien in Munich. Further particular about the logistics to participate in this event can be found below. 

CIECA would like to contribute to the discussion on the use of simulators in driver training fostered by DG Move regarding the new Directive back in March this year. Latest developments in simulators will also be presented, and participants will have the opportunity to take part in a practical session with Category B simulators during the event.

The discussions will intend to search for answers to the questions like the following:

  • What is the added value, if any, of simulators in driver training?
  • What kind of skills can best be trained with the aid of the latest simulators?
  • What are the implications of their use for road safety?

We hope that the topic will be interesting for all members and will be happy to welcome you all in Munich. To proceed to register for the event, please read the information below.


Provisional Agenda
Fee: This members'-only event is free-of-charge.
Location: Springer Fachmedien München, Aschauer Str. 30, 81549, Munich. Please download the practical information for participants for more information.
Information for participants - ACCOMMODATION: We provide a list of possible hotels for your stay based on the information provided by Springer Fachmedian München, but you are free to choose your accommodation according to your preference. Please check the information provided.
Registration: Please press the registration button below and fill in the online registration form.The registration deadline for this event is 21 November 2022.
PLEASE NOTE: We will organize a dinner on 17 November in the evening (each guest will be responsible for the payment of his/her consumptions). If you are interested in joining us for the meal,please tick the appropriate box in the registration form (at the end of the form).
Working language: English.