10 March 2021 - CIECA WEBINAR SERIES: Teaching and testing of road hazard perception in Lithuania: State of the art - Update 2021

In this webinar, Auksė Endriulaitienė, Laura Šeibokaitė, Rasa Markšaitytė, and Justina Slavinskienė, from Vytautas Magnus Universitywe (Lithuania) will introduce the current empirical knowledge in the area of road hazard perception testing and training mainly based on Lithuanian data.

The content will include the distinction between related terms as hazard perception, prediction, avoidance etc. They will discuss the strengths and weaknesses of different approaches in hazard perception testing as well. The main focus would be given on the empirical data of Lithuanian samples. Several testing instruments (static image test; video clip test, CGI test), the rationale of their development and evidence of their validity will be introduced.

The presentation will include several studies where hazard perception tests might yield important results in older adults’ and children samples. Finally, attention will be given to existing teaching approaches of hazard perception. Principles of few experimental cases of hazard perception training in Lithuania will be presented.


  • Time10 March 2021, 12.30pm - 2 pm CET
  • Fee: This members-only event is free-of-charge
  • Location: online
  • Working language: English
  • Registration: The deadline for registrations is 5 MARCH 2021