24 Feb 2021 - ETG WEBINAR: ADAS and automated driving in driver education

In Austria, like in many other European countries, the topics of advanced driver assistance systems and automated driving are hardly covered in the theoretical driver education. At the same time these topics gain more and more practical importance as the number of ADAS even in affordable cars is on the rise and many OEMs are advertising some kinds of automated driving functions.

In this webinar, KFV wants to share its ideas on how to implement the topics of ADAS and AD into the curriculum of theoretical driver education in Austria. At first, you will be given some background information on driver education in Austria in general, followed by the identified need of the pilot lesson as well as its aim. You will be shown some exemplary content from the already existing pilot lesson and you will get a preview of the evaluation results.
Afterwards you are invited to share your feedback on the pilot lesson, talk about the situation in and experiences from your own country and discuss any possible further use for the ETG.

This webinar will be presented by Philipp Blass, KFV representative in the CIECA Educational Topical Group, and his colleague Susanne Kaiser. 

INPUT PART (~40-45 min)

  • Background of driver education in Austria
  • Aim and need of the Pilot-Lesson
  • Presentation of selected Conten
    - General Approach
    - Thoughts on ACC
  • First look on results of the evaluation of the pilot lesson

DISCUSSION PART (~30-35 min)

  • Feedback on the content of the Pilot-Lesson
  • Situation in and experiences from your countries
  • Possible use in the ETG


  • Time:  24 February 2021, 11 am - 12:30 pm CET
  • Fee: This members-only event is free-of-charge
  • Location: online
  • Working language: English
  • Registration: The deadline for registrations is 19 February 2021