27 Jan 2021 - CIECA WEBINAR SERIES - EAG Webinar: COVID-19 - How driver services in CIECA members countries have handled the pandemic in relation to the practical test

SECOND SESSION: 27 January 2021 from 12 to 1 pm

These two webinars are an effort that follows the initiatives taken by CIECA to help CIECA members to deal with the challenges posed by the Covid-19 outbreak. The first session will be devoted to the analysis and description of measures taken in the practical test to deal with Covid-19. The second webinar will focus on discussing the challenges faced by all CIECA countries, and the lessons learned that can be taken into account for the future.  

It would be a major understatement to say that the past months have been challenging for the driver testing systems in all CIECA member countries. The circumstances in which organizations had to adapt to adequately test drivers are unprecedented.

The information trickling from the scientific and different public health authorities successively commanded changes to be made, at a vertiginous pace. In the past months practical test centres, protocols, material, and vehicles have been constantly modified to meet the requirements established by the different public health authorities to prevent contagions during testing.

Considering that the pandemic had, and still has a tremendous impact on testing practices in countries around the world, the EAG wishes to create a forum so that CIECA organizations have the chance to:

  • share lessons learned in the past six months (pitfalls and successes);
  • gather information on measures that have been successful with the aim of compiling a set of good practices;
  • avenues for the future.

Since the EAG members wish to make sure that the content of this seminar is aligned with CIECA members needs, and is time efficient, prior to the webinar, they would like to ask CIECA members about any questions, requests, suggestions, and solutions developed by members on this topic. Their ambition is to build a knowledge base that can be used and adapted in other critical situations that CIECA organizations may have to face in the future.

Please send your questions, requests, suggestions, etc. to Eva by 15 November 2020 at the latest.

  • Time: SECOND SESSION: 27 January 2021 from 12 to 1 pm.
  • Fee: This members-only event is free-of-charge
  • Location: online
  • Working language: English
  • Registration: The deadline for registrations is 25 JANUARY 2021.