3 - 6 June 2020 - 52nd CIECA Congress, Porto (Portugal)


52nd CIECA Congress 2020

5 June 2020, Porto, Portugal

“Different drivers & vehicles. Safety for all”

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The 52nd CIECA General Assembly and Congress will take place in Porto, Portugal, on Thursday 4 and Friday 5 June 2020. The General Assembly and Congress will be hosted by the Associação Nacional de Escolas de Condução Automóvel (ANIECA), one of our Portuguese Effective members, and will take place at the Hotel Porto Palácio, which is situated in Porto City Centre. 

We live in a diversified society. In each country we can find citizens from different social, cultural, religious and even geographical backgrounds. Whether for work or for leisure, it is usual to drive in a country other than the one where we grew up or obtained our first driving license. On the other hand, existent bilateral agreements allow/promote driving licenses to be exchanged without any educational process or examination. But does the qualification obtained in one country guarantee that you are prepared to drive in another?

Driving licenses are usually the result of an organized training and assessment process. The list of contents taught to each candidate and the tasks to be performed in the exams are the same for all candidates. An equal model is applied regardless of the background, social context or environment where the candidate will perform the driving task. On the other hand, the license will allow them to drive a distinct vehicle, most of the time with different characteristics from the vehicle used for training. Knowing that these aspects have a very significant impact on driving, should we continue using a single training model for all candidates or adopt a tailored training strategy adapted to the specific needs and characteristics of each trainee?

For business reasons or because modern families tend to have several cars in the garage, current drivers often need to use different vehicles. Car hire and car sharing are an increasingly practice. At any moment, it may be necessary to use a vehicle with very different functionalities from the one we are used to. But is the driver prepared to drive vehicles with different technologies, or equipped with ADAS?  

The 2020 CIECA congress will become as forum where answers to these questions will be explored. In order to help finding these answers, and discuss the future of road safety, abstracts are invited from potential speakers to present.

Please note that the deadline for the submission of the abstracts has been extended and is now 16 December 2019. Information on the submission guidelines. Please follow them carefully when preparing your contribution. 

For any queries regarding the submission process, please contact Eva Mateo.