CPC Workshop on 17 October 2017 in Brussels

12.10.2017. On 17 October 2017 CIECA will be holding its second workshop on the Driver Certificate of Professional Competence, the first workshop being organised in October 2013 (see picture below). The aims of this year's CPC workshop will be to share experiences from dealing with CPC so far, to exchange ideas for improvement of the quality of the training / test in general and to discuss how to deal with the proposed new content of the periodic training in particular (COM(2017) 47). Members will have the opportunity to discuss these topics in two discussion sessions. Questions to be discussed are:

  1. How well have the different options for initial training worked?
  2. What about the qualifications of the instructors?
  3. What good and not so good experiences have been made?
  4. Do the tests have a valid content that guides the training in the right way?
  5. Do the courses lead to safer behaviour on the road?
  6. Are the training and tests realistic enough?
  1. Ideas for improvement of the CPC education / testing in general?
  2. Would a raise in the weight requirement for the practical driving test in category C and CE be beneficial?
  3. How do you assure the quality of training programme / educators / testing?
  4. The proposal for amending the directive says:
  5. “Taking into account developments in training and education, and in order to enhance the contribution of Directive 2003/59/EC to road safety and the relevance of training for drivers, subjects relating to road safety, such as hazard perception, the protection of vulnerable road users, and fuel-efficient driving should be strengthened in the training courses.” Ideas on how to address this?
  6. What about tractors and CPC?

After the event, all documents referring to the event will be uploaded in the Members's section of the CIECA website.

For any further question, please feel free to contact the CIECA Secretariat.